STATEMENTS BY MEMBERS: Turnbull Government

24 May 2016

Mr HUSIC(Chifley) (13:57): Prime Minister, what has happened? You have changed on us. Yesterday, this narky side came out. Where did it come from?
Opposition members interjecting
Mr HUSIC:He was trying to be a tough guy. He is the man who said, I dont need to do that type of hectoring that we saw before, that type of nastiness. Now, he is trying to be an attack dog. He is trying to be the king of negative campaigning. They had the Cujo of negative campaigning over there and they have replaced him with the Alvin and the Chipmunks style negative campaigner who, in his own heart, cannot do it. He cannot be that tough. Do you know why? The problem is he said he was a man with a plan and now he is a man with a plan for a plan. He does not know what he is going to do, but you cannot blame him entirely because look who he is backed up by. I do not mean to drop a joke just before question time, but we should mention him: Scott Morrison. There he is!
The SPEAKER:The member for Chifley will refer to members by their correct title.
Mr HUSIC:The member for Cook: the wannabe Anthony Robbins of the Australian political system, giving us motivational speeches at the Press Club. The reason you do so poorly is you do not have an idea, you do not have a plan and the country is suffering for it.
The SPEAKER:It being almost 2 pm, in accordance with standing order 43, the time for members statements has concluded.