25 May 2016

Mr HUSIC(Chifley) (13:54): Yesterday, when Scott Morrison delivered his first budget and you scanned that side of the parliament, everyone was up and clapping, except one person.
Mr Clare:Who was that?
Mr HUSIC:The person who was not clapping, Member for Blaxland, was the member for Warringah. It is no surprise because, basically, he lost his job as a result of someone saying, I need to provide new economic leadership. That was Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister. He said he would provide new economic leadership, and this budget delivered everything that Tony Abbott used to do: cut, cut, cut. Worse still, every single thing that was delivered under this budget is actually worse than under Tony Abbott. The deficit under Scott Morrison is worse than under Joe Hockey. The deficit over the forward estimates is worse than under Joe Hockey. Debt under Scott Morrison is worse than it was under Joe Hockey. Taxes as a proportion of GDP under Scott Morrison are worse than under Joe Hockey. Every single measure is worse, worse, worse. The cuts keep coming: cuts to schools, cuts to Medicarewe see all the types of things that are going onand cuts to higher education. When the community judges this, they will judge all of you harshly. Which ones will go? The member for Solomon, the member for Corangamite, the member for Petrie(Time expired)