21 June 2016

This week Federal MP Ed Husic formally confirmed his nomination for the seat of Chifley in the 2016 Federal Election.

Nominations closed with the Australia Electoral Commission (AEC) this week and the ballot draw was conducted earlier today with Mr Husic securing fifth spot on the ballot.

Mr Husic said one of the biggest issues voters continued to raise with him was their concerns about the future of local healthcare.

Local residents keep telling me that their number one priority is saving Medicare, Mr Husic said.

On July 2, this election will decide whether or not we hang on to affordable healthcare and I aim to do whatever I can to protect Medicare.

Labor also has positive plans invest an extra $37m in local schools, and well be pushing for better infrastructure and improved broadband services.

As a local resident, Mr Husic has said it has been personally important to him to make sure the voice of the area is heard within government.

Regardless of who has been in government, Ive stood up for our area to make sure we get better deal for schools, jobs and healthcare.

Since coming to office the Liberals have cost families dearly through broken promises and sudden budget cuts.

Malcolm Turnbull promised new leadership, but hes just doing the same things Tony Abbott did cut, cut, cut.

A Shorten Labor Government will drive growth now and into the future by investing in people, infrastructure and the creation of new, smarter businesses.

FRIDAY, 10 JUNE 2016