19 September 2017

The Turnbull Government has completely vacated the digital economy space and is now desperately pretending to look engaged.
Their latest big idea? A consultation paper on the development of Australias digital economy.
Today as it enters its fifth year in office Turnbull Government Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Senator Arthur Sinodinos has announced
a government consultation paper that will, hopefully, possibly lead to a strategy for the digital economy.
Meanwhile, the whole digital economy sighed and went back to what it was doing.
Make no mistake, having the major political parties focus on the evolution of our digital economy along with preparing for the future of work is hugely important.
But this government seems addicted to the notion that reports equal action.
It says it will release a strategy in the New Year, but you have to wonder if this will be managed by a new, later to be announced taskforce, that will report on the report.
Australia needs to build the national digital economy, make its growth an economic priority, and back this up with action across government and the private sector.
Senator Sinodinos told the AFR Innovation Summit today that he lays awake at night thinking about the future of jobs in Australia.
Why doesnt he message his senate and ministerial colleague Employment Minister Michaelia Cash and ask: whatever happened to that CSIRO report that we launched last year into the future of work? Have we done anything about it?
Another report, announced in an election year that gathers dust on a shelf.
Before that were the Ideas Boom and the National Innovation and Science Agenda one-point-only.
All ghosted their way out of public view.
The nation and its economy deserves better than lip service.
No one is holding their breath waiting for action coming from this newly-announced discussion paper and future report.