21 June 2016

Over $8,000 has been raised to support the important work of Hebershams Butucarbin Aboriginal Corporation, Federal MP for Chifley Ed Husic has announced.

Mr Husic visited the group today to advise them of the $5,274 delivered through the Chifley Stronger Communities Program and the $3,000 raised at the Coral McLean breakfast, an initiative run each year by the MP.

While the Turnbull Governments funding cuts have put pressure on many local community groups, it was terrific that our Chifley Stronger Communities Program (SCP) combined with local fundraising efforts could support Butucarbin, Mr Husic said.

The money raised through the Coral McLean breakfast was put towards establishing Cultural Activities Days for students while the funding awarded through SCP went towards upgrades to Butucarbins training and cooking facilities.
Butucarbins facilities accommodate many students during the school holidays, and also offer a space for local elders to teach kids traditional skills and activities.
Since 1989, Butucarbin has dedicated valuable time and resources to their community outreach programs, and they have undertaken incredible work in the personal development and growth of our local Aboriginal community.

They have a long history in our area and have worked hard to create programs that cater to our local residents needs.

This funding was a fantastic way to help them continue their remarkable work in our area and have a usable space for their community-based activities.
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