24 May 2016

Last night we saw Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull deliver their first budget which hurts local families and rewards the well off.
Malcolm Turnbull promised new economic leadership, but hes just doing the same things Tony Abbott did in his budgets cut, cut, cut.
And now hes hurting local families to pay for millionaire tax cuts.
The median household income for a family in Chifley is $1,204 per week. Families on an income of $50,000 with two children are set to be $2,640 worse off after these budget cuts are handed down.
On the other side of town, families on an average income of $1 million with two children are set to be $16,715 per year better off after the Turnbull Governments budget.
Under Malcolm Turnbulls budget, 83 percent of residents in the electorate of Chifley will not receive at tax cut.
This is a great budget for big business but terrible for battlers. Malcolm Turnbull will help millionaires but hurt millions of ordinary families, Mr Husic said.
After this budget, the difference between Labor and the Coalition could not be greater. Well put people first, while the 2016 budget has shown the Liberal Party will look after the millionaires and the multinationals.
This budget just tells you how out of touch Malcolm Turnbull is with the families in Western Sydney.
Mr Husic pointed to other areas where the budget would impact Chifley.
In a week where its been revealed that local schools in Bidwill, Hassall Grove, and Mt Druitt are suffering from maintenance backlogs, the Turnbull Government plans to cut school funding by $26 billion.
Additionally, this budget maintains the $650 million cuts to healthcare Malcolm Turnbull put in place in December and people will have to pay for pathology and diagnostic imaging services from 1 July.
Malcolm Turnbulls budget also fails to provide any funding to improve public transport in Western Sydney. The only thing theyre committing money to is building Badgerys Creek airport cold comfort to those sitting in crowded trains or in traffic jams on the soon to be re-tolled M4.
This budget fails to set Australia up for the future by cutting services, cutting infrastructure, cutting skills and education. Malcolm Turnbulls budget contains:
Cuts to schools
Cuts to Medicare
Cuts to families and pensioners that will increase the cost of living
Cuts to higher education
Tax cuts for multinationals
Cuts to veterans hospitals
But out of everyone, Australian families are the biggest losers.
Finally, the Liberals have done very little about repairing the budget:
Budget forecasts higher taxes than at any time while Labor was in government;
The Government has tripled the deficit in three years, while debt continues to grow;
At the same time, the budget confirms unnecessary spending, including the Governments new $1,000 baby bonus.
Its a never been a more exciting time to be a millionaire.